Plant a tree for €11 with a single click Reduce carbon dioxide levels and soil erosion

Together we will plant trees forming forests in order to reduce CO2 in atmosphere, fight climate change, soil erosion and aid on saving our planet

Plant a tree

Most trees per euro: planted and grown

We aim plant most trees per given currency unit comparing to any other service on the web in most transparent way possible.

Reduction of carbon dioxide is our main goal

Estimate Your CO2 footprint and compensate it with trees

We estimate, that single tree can eat up 10 kg of CO2 per year - just to be safe. Use our calculator to estimate tree count to compensate Your CO2 footprint

Plant a tree without leaving Your home

We will find and buy land, seeds, arrange professional governmental forest planting and maintenance services to ensure forest will endure at least 60 years - all transparently and most efficient way possible

Stop soil erosion caused by agriculture

Forest arrays will not only contribute to reducing CO2 footprint we are creating, but also will be located so that they would help to reduce erosion caused by agriculture. This will aid to climate change mitigation and still growing food shortage

Create recreational spaces

All planted forests will be projected so that they would fit recreational purposes, and be as convenient as possible to reach and be used for camping and other recreational activities for everyone

Plan for sustainable future

After a lifespan of a tree will come to an end, we will ensure usage of timber to aid for further CO2 impact management, so that trees would become eco friendly paper, recreational buildings, and all money earned in process would become trees again

Your name on each created park

Every contributor of this initiative will be noted on the board, marking the entrance on each forest we will create together

CO2 Emission calculator

Simple form to get an estimate of Your carbon dioxide emissions

Estimated CO2 impact

Please fill in CO2 form to get impact estimates

Plant a tree - reduce carbon dioxide levels - fight climate change

Your money will be converted in to carbon dioxide eating trees in upcoming 6 months

Hassle free way to plant a tree and aid on fighting climate change

We will find and buy suitable land, perform all legal actions, and ensure planting and maintaining high quality forests, that will serve as natural carbon dioxide reducers, soil erosion stoppers and form recreational spaces for everyone for at least 60 years to come - and long after we are gone

What's included

  • Only €11 to plant a tree

  • Stop climate change

  • Reduce carbon dioxide

  • Stop soil erosion

  • Eco friendly card on a tree with your name on it

  • Full transparency


trees will grow for

€121 EUR

I accept Trees I Owe operational policy

Company behind this initiative

MB Pikutis - Craftsmanship proved by delivery

Working hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 17:00 EEST


K. Petrausko g. 26 - 105 LT-44156 Kaunas, Lithuania

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Company code: 305912507 VAT code: LT100014731216


Tadas Pikutis